Smith & Georg journeys to the AMYAC

Report on AMYAC Chemical Accreditation Course at Coober Pedy and Mabel Creek – August 2016.

amyac-logoThe aim of this capacity building exercise was for AMYAC (Antakirinja Matu – Yankunytjatjara Aboriginal Corporation) members to achieve certification in Chemical Accreditation and Control Weeds. The course was conducted over five days which included 3 days of training and 2 days of practical experience between 8th and 12th August 2016.

The exercise was an outcome of the Tallaringa Heathy Country Plan and incorporated AMYAC (participants, ALO and Business), AW NRM officers and Coober Pedy District Council assistance.

The Chemical Accreditation Course was facilitated by Dave Georg from Smith & Georg who delivered a customised course to a total of 6 AMYAC participants. The course included 3 National Units of Competence:

  1. Transport, Handle and Store Chemicals – AHCCHM304A
  2. Prepare and Apply Chemicals – AHCCHM303A
  3. Control Weeds – AHCPMG301A


Careful stepping through the topics, and practical application, ensured everyone classroomunderstood the best practices when handling chemicals to control pest plants efficiently and safely. The tailored course delivery made it possible for the group to participate and feel relaxed enough to engage throughout the course and achieve their Accreditation.

Building capacity further, around GIS mapping and data collection, Adam Wood from DEWNR AW NRM Board demonstrated the process, giving us a holistic approach to weed & pest management, which lead into the two practical days on Mabel Creek Station and Umoona Community, see to the map below. The practical element madepractice way for further discussion around the growing lifecycle of Buffel Grass and plant identification of simular endemic grasses.

The local AMYAC Members participated were Peter Willis, Moshaik Lennon, Allan O’Toole, Brandon Lennon, Dennis O’Toole and Jonathon Fatt-Clifton. Apart from Jonathon the other participants all reside in Coober Pedy which was a criteria that had to be considered.


Theory led to practice and then on country, supervised, practical experience

The course took place at the CFS facility and was a great venue made possible by Joel Kowald who also works with the Coober Pedy District Council and Kunku Park. Joel’s assistance was greatly appreciated.

From an AMYAC perspective this provided an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to coordinate a small project in line with our long-term objectives to care for our country. It brings with it an goal of AMYAC being engaged in the future through Buffel Grass survey, and follow-up control to prevent the reestablishment within our Native Title footprint. Furthermore, the opportunity for AMYAC members to get out on country, using local knowledge whilst engaged in meaningful work resonates with the values and principles of the AMYAC.

This article is largely extracted from Jonathon Fatt-Clifton’s report. Jonathon is an Aboriginal Liaison Officer with the AMYAC. The course was facilitated by those mentioned in the article and by the following:

  • AWNRM team – Tim Moore, Leah Feuerherdt, Adam Wood, Bruce Macpherson
  • Coober Pedy Council –  Chevahn Hoad, Joel Kowald
  • The Umoona community
  • AMYAC – course participants, Dean Liebelt, AMYAC Admin.
  • Smith & Georg – Dave and Team


Where to find Coober Pedy & Mabel Creek Station:map-coober-pedy