Smith & Georg revise Online Accreditation Course

New Online Chemical Accreditation Course coming!

Back at base; Smith & Georg have been busy preparing a rewrite of our core ‘Chemical Accreditation’ Course.

The current version has been the subject of adjustments and tweaks over the past 5+ years and the accumulation of these was making it difficult to maintain and update any further.

The new course will be implemented in the next few weeks:

Q:   What does this mean if you are already enrolled and progressing with your Online Course?

A:   Course participants will complete the course they started, so if you are in the current version you will finish that version with no switching between versions. That means no disruptions and no going back: Simple for

Our Chemical Reaccreditation Course will also benefit from the rewrite, with the comments above applicable.


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Our IT Dept – hard at work!

The re-write has been a monumental task for Dave Georg and our IT specialist, Lisa. And whilst the updating of material in the course and delivering a more ‘friendly’ structure is a key outcome of the rewrite, making it more friendly for portable device (pad) users has also been very important, though we do not recommend attempting our courses on mobile phones.

If you have any questions please let us know at our contact page here: contact S&G