What Chemical Training Do I Need in SA?

Australia_SAIn SA there are two government departments with laws that require persons purchasing and/or using certain pesticides in a workplace to have a current Level 3 Chemical Accreditation; which must be renewed every 5 years by completing a shorter Reaccreditation (Refresher) course:

  1. SA Health requires current Accreditation to purchase Schedule 7 chemicals (ie, those products with the statement “DANGEROUS POISON” at the top of the front panel of the label), unless the purchaser has an appropriate licence or is exempt from the requirement for a licence. Contact SA Health for further advice.
  2. PIRSA requires current Accreditation for every person who uses Schedule 7 chemicals, as well as for every person who applies Group I herbicides by a method involving spraying. Note that people in the following District Council areas are exempt from the Group I herbicides requirement: Cleve, Ceduna, Elliston, Franklin Harbour, Whyalla, Kimba, Pt Augusta, Wudinna, Flinders Ranges and Streaky Bay; however the requirement for users of Schedule 7 chemicals still applies in those areas.


Spray contractors

If you apply pesticides for a fee or some other reward, on land that is not owned by yourself or your employer, you are a spray contractor.  In SA spray contractors must have a current Pest Management Technician’s Licence.  Anyone wanting to apply for a Full Pest Management Technician’s Licence must complete the following courses:

  • Chemical Accreditation
  • Control Weedshave a look or contact us to find out more - 1800 991 985
  • Control Plant Pests, Diseases and Disorders (not required if the contractor will only apply herbicides) This course is not currently offered by Smith & Georg, contact SA Health to find out more – 08 8226 6186

The application form for the SA Pest Management Technicians’s Licence can be found here.

There are some variations to this requirement, depending on individual situations.  Contact SA Health (details below) for more information.

For more information and to enrol, go to  www.smithandgeorg.com.au  or call us on FREEcall 1800 991 985

More Information

SA Health
08 8226 6186

1300 799 684


Important Notes

  1. Work Health and Safety legislation requires every person who uses chemicals in a workplace to receive appropriate training, even if it is not required specifically by other legislation. While this could be provided in-house by other experienced/qualified staff members, completion of formal nationally-accredited training, provided by experts, is often better.
    • The Level 3 Chemical Accreditation course is ideal for primary producers and other land managers who use significant amounts of chemicals in their work.
    • Our WHS Supervised AgVet Chemical Users course or our other courses may be ideal for people who (1) use small quantities of low-hazard chemicals in their work; and/or (2) use chemicals under the supervision of other, experienced and qualified operators; for example gardeners, landscapers, groundspeople, etc. Please contact us to discuss: 1800 991 985
  2. If your business is involved in a food safety quality assurance (QA) program, such as Freshcare, LPA, NFAS and others; there will be a requirement for training in the safe handling and use of chemicals. Completion of the Level 3 Chemical Accreditation course usually fulfills this requirement.  Check the standards of your QA program(s) to determine what is required for your business.



Smith & Georg has taken care to ensure the information provided in this document is correct.  As requirements may change over time, and individual situations vary, we do not take responsibility for any loss that might occur from using the information we provide.  If in doubt, always check your own situation with the relevant regulator(s) in your state.