Celebrating 20 Years of Making a Difference in Rural Australia


From starting out as a young fella on a farm, to managing a plantation in Papua New Guinea, to agronomic research for an Australian Department of Agriculture, to even developing a profitable cherry orchard from scratch; you won’t find anyone more committed to chemical safety than Dave Georg, of Smith & Georg!

And he’s now celebrating 20 years in business because of it!

That’s 20 solid years Dave’s business, Smith & Georg, has been providing chemical training for people working in primary and related industries.

Dave Georg says of his 20 year journey,

I am immensely proud of the Smith & Georg Team, who have  helped grow the business to what it is today, and we all look forward to another successful 20 years.“

“Way back when, I was instrumental in developing and launching the original National Farm Chemicals Users Course (NFCUC), launched in April 1992, four years before starting Smith & Georg in 1996. It set me on a journey..“

And, it is interesting to reflect the origins of what is now known as Chemical Accreditation industry. The industry was initiated through farmer organisations concerned about bad publicity on their businesses. They have come a long way.

Dave says, “We love working with farmers and others who work on the land; they are the salt of the earth! We are humbled by their trust and, if we had a mantra, it is that we have the utmost respect for everyone who does training with us. We realise we are (metaphorically) guests in their homes and lives, and we want to make sure we have a positive impact to keep them safe and help them use chemicals more profitably.”

Smith & Georg’s success is evident. In the past 20 years around 18,000 people have completed the variety of chemical courses through Smith & Georg, either online or face to face.

Six years ago they launched their first online course, providing the ultimate in flexibility; ie people can now do their Chemical Accreditation when and where they want to; as quickly or slowly as they want; and still be supported one-on-one over the phone if they need it, from someone who has years of practical use of chemicals themselves.

Right from day one, the organisation’s philosophy has been to focus on the person needing the chemical safety training, when they need it and provided the best possible avenue to make the process easy.

Initially, chemical training had an emphasis on personal and food safety; however in more recent years the emphasis has changed to protection of international trade and reduction of off-target damage when applying chemicals.

Importantly changes have also been made over the 20 years in how training is offered. The organisation has developed and provided a range of courses to suit all needs which are now nationally recognised and industry preferred.

Dave shares, “We plan to share insights and information from the past 20 years over the coming months.

“We have a few special treats in development as we feel this is an important occasion and milestone and we wish to celebrate with everyone as a way of saying “thank you!!”