Chemical Accreditation FAQ

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The ONLINE course is $390 and the Face to Face course is $490 to accredit (first time). This cost covers training and assessment, the accreditation card, and access to the site for 5 years. (prices subject to change from time to time and specials may apply – check our website)

Q. How will I benefit from completing the course?
A. In some states of Australia you are legally obligated to complete a Chemical Accreditation course to purchase and/or use certain crop protection and animal health chemicals. Even where it is not a legal requirement, the course will give you knowledge and skills that will help you use dangerous chemicals more safely, thereby protecting you, your family, consumers and the environment. Chemical Accreditation, awarded when you have successfully completed the course, is evidence that you have the knowledge and skills to use chemicals safely.

Q. What do I get when I successfully complete my Chemical Accreditation course?
A. Chemical Accreditation: when you have successfully completed all the assessments, we will send you a nationally-recognised Statement of Attainment for the following Units of Competence:

  • AHCCHM304 Transport and store chemicals
  • AHCCHM303 Prepare and apply chemicals

We will also send you a plastic Smith & Georg Chemical Accreditation card.

Q. How long does accreditation last?
A. Accreditation lasts 5 years as determined by industry and as required by legislation in some states. At the end of this period you should reaccredit/renew your Chemical Card, to catch up with changes in practice and legislation, so that you may continue enjoying the benefits of accreditation.

Q. What is required for Reaccreditation/Chemical Card Renewal?
A. Reaccreditation/Chemical Card Renewal is available to participants who have already accredited at least once before. It focuses on what has changed over the previous 5 years rather than forcing participants to go over what they already know. Participants may be required to complete fewer assessments than those doing accreditation for the first time. If you choose to enrol to renew your Chemical Card you will be required to provide evidence that you have accredited previously.

Q. If I register to do Online Chemical Accreditation and I don’t like it or have technical problems can I complete the course offline?
A. Provided you contact us within 2 months of starting and have not finished your course we will endeavor to place South Australian participants in a face-to-face course. If this is not possible, and for participants from other states we will transfer you to Correspondence learning.

Q. Does the course apply in my state?
A. Yes, Smith & Georg’s Chemical Accreditation and the units of competence apply in all states. Where appropriate, there are presentations and assessments that are specific to each state. The Statement of Attainment and Chemical Accreditation card are valid in all states of Australia.

Please note that in certain situations in Queensland you must also successfully complete the ‘Control Weeds’ course. Contact our office for more information about this course, and the extra cost.

Also, if you want to use 1080 baits in Victoria you will need to do an extra course. Contact the Victorian DPI for more information (

Q. Does the course apply in my country?
A. The course offers no legal benefits or recognition outside of Australia. However the skills and knowledge gained from participating in the course are applicable to chemical use and safety wherever you are.

Q. What about licensing of spray contractors?
A. In all Australian states there is a requirement for people who apply chemicals ‘for fee or reward’ to be licensed. Completion of Smith & Georg’s Chemical Accreditation course satisfies some or all (depending on the state) of the requirements for obtaining a licence from the government. More details are provided in the legislation section of the course, or can be obtained from the licensing authority in your state. In WA you should contact your local regulator prior to commencing a course for licensing.

Q. Will my computer and Internet connection be suitable?
A. For details see Computer Requirements