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Customised In-house Training for Workers of Organisations and Corporate Employers.

Have you ever paid good money for your workers to travel to a chemical handling course, only to find that the course content is not targeted to your particular industry, and is not relevant to your business and the activity of your staff?

Sometimes it’s just easier to have all your workers trained at the same time in the same course content, at the same time and the same place – your place, or close by.

Our expert instructors will come to you. They have experience using chemicals in a wide range of industries, and all our courses can be tailored to suit your particular requirements. It’s well known that training from external, authoritative, experts is often better received than training by internal staff.

We can tailor our training to encapsulate your message and focus on delivering your desired outcome.

This is often a more effective (cost, time and learning penetration) way of training a group of people depending on your location and the number of course participants.

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Royal Adelaide Golf Club

We were pleased that Smith & Georg ran the course on our premises. It meant I didn’t have to find vehicles and pay overtime to send my workers to a course somewhere else.

It was great having a course just for golf course Staff. This meant the presenter could concentrate on topics and issues that are relevant to us, and my workers appreciated not having to listen to stuff that is only relevant to broadacre farmers, livestock owners or grape growers. The hours in which the course ran was more in keeping with our normal hours.

By inviting extra people from a nearby golf course to attend, we were able to reduce the cost per person significantly.

Nathan Bennett, Course Superintendent, Royal Adelaide Golf Club.



Does current training meet your Industry’s needs?

Does your industry have particular needs in relation to using chemicals that just aren’t covered in the ‘One size fits all’ approach taken by many training organisations?

Smith and Georg doesn’t just present courses, we write them too! If your Industry has a specific training need Smith and Georg can develop a course, or a module within a course, to focus on the needs of your members or industry.

When Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) came to us and said they wanted an online chemical accreditation course that specifically covers storage, handling and use of the animal health products used in feedlots; Smith & Georg’s course writers worked with ALFA experts to develop the Animal Health Treatments Module*, which is now an optional module that is available, at no extra cost, to everyone who enrols in the online Chemical Accreditation and Chemical Reaccreditation courses.

Call us on 1800 991 985 to discuss your Industry’s needs with us. We can work together to make the course more relevant for your members.



The safe and responsible use of chemicals is a requirement under the feedlot industry’s National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme, but we were disappointed that all the chemical accreditation courses available for feedlot staff seemed to be directed at cropping farmers, with almost no useful information directed at people who own and handle livestock.  ALFA was pleased, therefore, when Smith & Georg jumped at the opportunity to work with us to produce a livestock-specific module to add to their existing Chemical Accreditation course.

Dave Georg and his team consulted closely with us every step of the way, working closely with our industry experts. The resultant Online Chemical Accreditation course with optional Animal Health Treatments Module is relevant, practical and useful to our feedlot members. ALFA is happy to recommend the course to all our members and to other livestock owners.

Paul Vogt, Councillor –  Australian Lot Feeders’ Association


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*(Animal health Treatments module is Industry initiated and is not a unit of competence).