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  • Spraywise Handbook

    Spraywise Handbook

    Spraywise Handbook CoverThe Spraywise Broadacre Application Handbook published by Nufarm Australia is a great resource for all users of spray equipment.
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  • Windmate WM-300 Weather Meter – meet your label & legislative obligations for measuring conditions whilst spraying

    Windmate WM-300 Weather Meter – meet your label & legislative obligations for measuring conditions whilst spraying

    Deluxe Weather Meter OUT OF STOCK   The Windmate WM-300 Weather Meter is a great all-round tool. It will enable users to meet the chemical label requirement to measure wind speed & direction as well as  Delta T at nominated times; increasingly before, during and at the end of a spraying event. Meet your legislative obligations by having, and using, one of these important tools. The label requirements for some Glyphosate products may surprise you; have a look here The WM-300 is a comprehensive instrument for agriculture, forestry, emergency management and other industry professionals. In addition to relative humidity, the unit measures dew point, wet bulb, Delta T, temperature & wind chill. It has a USA-made fluxgate compass for precise digital wind direction measurement, and it can also be used to calculate crosswind, head/tail wind readings. Unlike a traditional compass, the WM-300 reads when held vertically and can be used to take a bearing on a distant landmark or reference location. The WM-300 includes the Accuweather patented Comfort Index, which is the effect of temperature, wind speed, relative humidity and sun intensity on the human body for a superior human based reference to Heat Index. All WindMates are designed with a wind speed accuracy of better than +/- 3% and have a 2-Year warranty. Features :
    • Wind Speed
    • Wind Direction
    • Temperature
    • Relative Humidity
    • Wind Chill
    • Wet Bulb
    • Dew Point
    • Delta T
    • Comfort Index ( patented)
    • Digital Compass
    • Displays current, maximum and average wind speed
    • Reports wind direction in both degrees and compass points
    • Calculates head, tail and cross wind
    • Water resistant and floats
    • 2 year warranty
    You'll get it for $212.50 when you buy it at the same time as you enrol in  OUT OF STOCK   Chemical Accreditation or Reaccreditation (NSW) or Chemical Card Renewal (all other States). Look for it in the online checkout or ring us. The WM-300 Manual is available here: wm-100-200-300
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