Online ACDC Training – It’s the training needed for the Queensland ACDC (Commercial Operator’s Licence)!

In Queensland and need to get your ACDC?

This is the training for you!

Available online; don’t wait for a course near you!

Made up of 2 courses which deliver the 3 Units of Competence required to apply for an ACDC:

Level 3: AHCCHM303 – Prepare and apply chemicals
Level 3: AHCCHM304 – Transport and store chemicals
Level 3: AHCPMG301 – Control Weeds(click links below to fond more details)
  • The Chemical Accreditation Course is a Level 3 training and accreditation program that is designed for farmers and other people who use agricultural and/or veterinary chemicals regularly in their work.
  • The Control Weeds Course provides comprehensive information on weeds and their control and is required to obtain an ACDC licence in Qld.

Choose this option if this is the first time you’re doing the Chemical Accreditation course; or if your accreditation expired more than 12 months ago and you require the Control Weeds module as well.

If you already have You Chemical Accreditation and only need to do the Control Weeds course – go to our Control Weeds page.

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IF YOU REQUIRE a Chemical Accreditation, Chemical Card Renewal or Control Weeds COURSE:

please contact CHEMCERT on 1800 444 228 or visit

Online ACDC Training - It's the training needed for the Queensland ACDC (Commercial Operator's Licence)!: $680.00 $650.00

Find out more about the 2 courses that meet the training requirement to apply for an ACDC (Commercial Operator’s Licence):

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