Safe and Effective Use of Chemicals for Bushcare Volunteers

Trees For Life

There are situations where using herbicides is the most convenient and effective way to protect Australian bush from invasion by weeds. Careful herbicide use underpins the minimal disturbance bush regeneration principles. But what about the risks to the people who handle and apply the chemicals?

For many years Trees For Life and Smith & Georg have jointly presented a workshop on Safe and Effective Use of Chemicals for Bushcare Volunteers. Designed specifically for bushcare volunteers, the presenters will take you through an entertaining (yes, entertaining!) and informative journey that covers the following topics:

  • Health effects and safety information about chemicals
  • Protecting your own safety when using chemicals (safety gear, safe work practices, first aid)
  • Reading and understanding the information on chemical labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Understanding how herbicides work, and how to use them for greatest effect
  • Novel ways of applying herbicides in bushland situations, maybe even Basil barking!
  • Storing and transporting chemicals safely
  • Disposing of unwanted chemicals and empty chemical containers
  • Protecting the environment when using chemicals

Participants in the workshop receive informative handouts, copies of a herbicide label and SDS, and a Statement of Attendance.

Who should attend? This course is suitable for anyone involved in bushcare, either as a volunteer or on your own property.

For more information about Safe and Effective Use of Chemicals for Bushcare Volunteers, or to get a quote to present the workshop for your group, contact either Trees For Life on 08 8406 0500; or Smith & Georg on 1800 991 985. All proceeds from the course fees go back to Trees For Life.

Please note – this is not an accredited course.

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Trees For Life is a respected non-for-profit organisation with 7,000 members, including 3,000 volunteers. It is dedicated to preserving and restoring Australian bush landscapes.

Smith & Georg is a respected private Registered Training Organisation (RTO40075) with over 21 years of experience teaching people to use chemicals safely and effectively.