Useful Links

These are links to sites/documents that may help you use chemicals safely and effectively. Smith & Georg does not endorse or verify the information at these sites.

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Chemical Labels

APVMA poster and interpretation of label instructions.
APVMA – Understanding Pesticide:

Safety Signs & Placards

Free downloads courtesy of Frontline Services.

Buy Signs & Placards

Glyphosate Resistance

Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group.

Wine Australia

More than 100 fact sheets, including some on sprayer setup and calibration.

Chemclear – Disposal of Unwanted Chemical Concentrate

Disposal of Unwanted Chemical Concentrate

In South Australia – Zerowaste SA program.

DrumMUSTER – Disposal of Empty Chemical Containers

SDS and Chemical labels

Public Chemical Registration Information System Search



Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC)

Many fact sheets on a wide range of topics relevant to cropping.

Spray Application Technology

Supplement to GRDC’s Ground Cover magazine.

Fumigating Grain

This site has many good publications.

Of particular interest are: